Barley grass benefits – a must read!

Although in ancient times barley was consumed only by the poor and soldiers on the losing side, green barley contains impressive amounts of the most valuable elements necessary for healing, regeneration and transformation in the human organism.

It has been long believed, with strong proof backing that belief, that many illnesses can be countered to some extent through this green elixir. Chlorophyll, sunlight converted to green energy, is a vegetable matter also found in some amounts in the human body, is a light-collecting cell that absorbs the energy of the sun and transmits it to the cells of the human body. It has been scientifically proven that this supports cellular oxygenation and has a healing effect.

Chlorophyll drains the toxins out of the body, stimulating liver detoxification, inhibits inflammation in the stomach, intestine and gums, supports the healing process in bacterial infections. The detoxification mechanism found in persons consuming barley grass increases liver performance, supports and improves liver and bile functions, helping heal cysts, tumors, hepatitis, and regulates all dysfunctions of the liver and gallbladder. In addition to chlorophyll, the presence of large amounts of B vitamin produces a positive effect on the nervous system.

Health Benefits

High in calcium

The proportion of calcium in barley grass is twice as high as in milk. Potassium is also present in large quantities in barley grass and is necessary for the heart to function well – a deficiency of potassium produces cardiac arrhythmias. Barley grass also helps the formation of healthy blood, which recommends it in the most serious types of anemia. The multitude of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids in barley grass have a healing effect on the body.

Every element in the composition of this plant has a specific effect. However, by acting synergistically, a much greater impact is created, their healing power increases, so that the benefits cannot be achieved if the components are administered separately.

Good for detox

detox drinkThe detoxification process through which the body passes when fresh barley is ingested starts from the oral cavity. It refreshes the breath, the gums become healthier and enhanced sense of taste. At the same time, appetite for incentives that harm health (sugar, alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc.) is reduced. The esophagus and stomach also benefit from the cleansing and regeneration process. The intestinal activity is stimulated and a healthy intestinal flora is established.

Eye and lungs

Rich in vitamin A, barley grass heals typical eye disorders, including cataracts, night vision problems, vision loss and macular degeneration. The pulmonary function also benefits from barley grass consumption. Long-term administration reduces the risk of lung cancer, tracheal cancer, esophagus and larynx, with healing effect on bronchi, asthma, respiratory tract inflammation, and increased susceptibility to infections.

Rich in magnesium

Barley grass is also recommended for athletes for its rich magnesium content that prevents muscle cramps. It is also used to treat osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and bruising. With minimal caloric intake, barley grass offers an extremely high level of vital substances and enzymes that regulate metabolic processes to the smallest detail, provide healthy cellular respiration and inhibit cellular mutations. Regulates appetite, reduces hunger and the need for sleep. Increases stress resistance, removes depression and fatigue.

Skin, diabetes and IBS

It also has beneficial effects on the skin – acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. In the case of healthy people, green barley grass increases vitality, purifies the body, regulates appetite, is good aid in springtime and during periods of physical or mental stress.

Barley grass gives remarkable results in the treatment of diabetes (type 1 and 2), eliminates constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

You can prepare a drink from harvested barley when it reaches a height of around 20-30 cm or it can be prepared from a powder made from fresh barley – dehydrated barley grass – which does not lose its properties and is sold in the natural shops. To be consumed only on an empty stomach.

Contraindications: Allergy to green barley grass.

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