Cinnamon, perfect for losing weight and diabetes

Cinnamon has unpredictable effects on human health. From losing weight and flavoring delicious desserts, lowering blood sugar or increasing sexual desire, cinnamon helps us feel better.


Cinnamon health benefits

cinnamon sticksIt contains a mixture of manganese, iron, calcium and fiber and has been used since medieval times to cure diarrhea, indigestion and bloating. Recent studies show that cinnamon would help prevent certain types of cancer. In addition, it helps heal the ulcer and fights bacterial infections.

Cinnamon also has other effects on people’s health, including reducing blood sugar, reducing LDL bad cholesterol and this without affecting good HDL cholesterol.
Because it reduces cholesterol and blood sugar, cinnamon is beneficial in patients with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon helps you lose weight through some complex mechanisms that are related to the prevention of type 2 diabetes and the speed of metabolism.

Cinnamon regulates the level of insulin in the blood

Cinnamon has the unique ability to mimic insulin activity in the body. Thus, it helps regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, which ensures a good functioning of the organs and prevents the formation of fat deposits that cause imbalances in the body.
Recent studies have shown that adding cinnamon to a meal lowers its hypoglycemic index by 18-29%. To avoid sudden increases in blood sugar, it is recommended that you eat foods with lower hypoglycemic index and cinnamon helps regulate this ratio.

Cinnamon accelerates metabolism

Cinnamon acts similarly to chili peppers, accelerating metabolism and releasing heat from digestion. The presence of cinnamon in the body forces the metabolism to accelerate in order to digest its components, which helps a lot in the weight loss process. Practically, cinnamon is digesting harder and the metabolism needs more energy to dissolve the chemical compounds in the wonder spice.
Faster metabolism means faster fat burning and hardening of muscle mass, especially when combined with a balanced diet and exercise.



Cinnamon lowers bad LDL cholesterol

Patients with type 2 diabetes who recently participated in a study of cinnamon and its effects had lower LDL cholesterol levels after consumption over a determined period of time. Cinnamon has lowered the level of several indicators, including the BMI (Body Mass Index).

Cinnamon helps burn belly fat

It seems that cinnamon helps burn belly fat more than other fat deposits in the body. Not only does it look ugly, but abdominal fat is also the most dangerous of fat types because it is in the area with most vital organs. The more fat you take off your stomach, the better you are in general.

Cinnamon suppresses appetite

Cinnamon suppresses craving because it’s harder to digest, thus it helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite. As it spends more time in the stomach, so does the rest of the food ingested at the same meal. Thus, all the food is processed harder and the stomach stays full for a longer time, creating a satiety feeling and getting rid of the guilty snack tasting between meals 🙂

Cinnamon as an aphrodisiac

Cinnamon also has practical applications in the bedroom. Not only does his heating effect apply to the genital area, but it seems that some reported to put a little cinnamon on the genital areas and felt interesting sensations.

Cinnamon is good for weight loss, diabetes, toothache and delicious desserts.

How could we not love this wonder spice?


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