How to keep hair color longer

Hair color should be brilliant and remarkable, to attract everyone’s attention. This is what women who dye their hair want. But once colored, hair can become porous, which means that color molecules will be lost on each wash, leaving it a tern and lifeless look.

Every woman wants her hair to have brilliance, beauty, volume and color. But when it dries, the latter desire may not always be fulfilled.

How to keep hair dye from fading

Hair color should be applied again whenever the roots have grown so much that the original hair color shows, and give a look of carelessness and betrays the lassitude of the woman wearing it. But there are situations where the dye does not last for too long, a little bit wearing off with every wash. Here’s what to do:

  1. Before coloring, hair should not be washed, because the sebum from the roots helps to fix the color.
  2. Do not wash your hair for the first 48 hours after using the hair coloring product, except, of course, removal of the initial color in the hair. Thus, the scalp has time to normalize the amount of sebum. If you’re aggressive with shampooing or frequent washing, the hair will fatten quickly, and the colour will go dull. Don’t use hot water.
  3. Use only hair products that were designed for dyed hair, indicating your specifical color. They protect dyed hair and maintain natural shades.
  4. It is very important not to wash your hair very often. Every two days is already too often. It goes without saying that even the strongest dye will lose its brilliance after shampooing.
  5. Try to use only natural shampoos and conditioners, which have the role of nourishing the roots, and hair and vitaminizing them.
  6. Do not wash with hot water, but with lukewarm water and finish with a cold water jet. Scalp blood circulation will feed the root much more efficiently and maintain healthier hair. Hot water damages the dye, discolouring your hair.
  7. Do not use a blow dryer too often. Otherwise, hair will lose its naturalness and volume, and the color will degrade due to heat.
  8. Avoid using heated rollers, and if you still use them, make sure that the hair is not very damp when using them, because the dye will discolor easily in such a process.
  9. Beware of moisture and strong sun! Protect freshly dyed hair (rain, snow, fog) as the moisture will weaken the color strength.
  10. If it is summer, take care that at least in the first days after dyeingyouwear a hat to protect your hair from the strong rays that will fade the colour. For better protection, use a UV protection balsam when you wash your head. It has the role of nourishing and strengthening the hair, but it also retains its color.
  11. Do not go into sea water or in swimming pools, with a large chlorine concentration, if you have only dyed your hair recently. Otherwise, the hue will not hold for too long.
  12. If you have very thin and fragile hair, dye color will last longer if you apply masks based on jojoba oil or argan oil.

Chamomile for blonde shade

For blonde hair, but also for thin and split ends, use chamomile flower tea. After each wash, clear the hair with chamomile tea prepared as follows: Place two tablespoons of flowers in 600 ml of boiling water and boil for three minutes. Sieve after 20 minutes and rinse the hair with it. The blonde is kept longer if you treat it with the following mixture: lemon juice, a spoonful of honey and chamomile decoction. Apply on hair and hold for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. In the case of people with brown hair, rhubarb tea has the role of opening this hue. If you have chosen a dark shade, use a classic black tea infusion (a teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water) once a week for rinsing. For closed hair it is also recommended to rinse after infusion or decoction of walnut leaves, as well as nettles.

Advice! To strengthen your hair, give it a shine, vitalize it, and protect the color of the dye, massage your scalp with a soaked swab in olive oil and grease your hair. Keep for two hours and then wash . Repeated once a month.

10 tips to prevent fading and make the color last longer

  • Choose a professional product

Whether you color your hair at home or in a salon, make sure that the dye used is a quality one, and that it contains moisturizing properties and oils. Thus, while the color remains in the hair, it will remain healthy and neat.

  • Avoid sulfates

Any hair care products you will use after coloring, it is important that they do not contain sulphates, as they will dull your hair color. Read the label well to avoid such products!

  • Wash your hair with a shampoo

For hair washing choose a professional shampoo, especially for freshly coloured hair, which will protect and maintain color for longer. Although there is no rule as to the frequency of washing, it is advisable not to wash hair too often in the first few weeks after dyeing.

  • Apply balm to each wash

The balm is vital to the dyed hair due to its hydration, volume and glow. It can only be applied at the tips or ears down. The balm should also be special for the dyed hair and the same range as the pre-shampoo.

  • Use sunscreen

In the summer season, sun, salt water, swimming pool chlorine and moisture affect the color of your hair. That’s why in summer it’s recommended to use UV-protected products that protect your hair from the summer sun. They are generally water-resistant, contain moisturizing ingredients and block the action of ultraviolet.

  • Use a dry shampoo

In the days between wash, to avoid hair loss, which also leads to loss of color, you can apply a dry shampoo to the roots. It is also available for dyed hair.

  • Apply coloring products

To refresh the color of the dyed hair, apply a dye, whether it’s a shampoo or a dyeing treatment. So not only will you give your hair the shine and the color, but you will also be able to eliminate the unwanted color tones and mask the white yarns that appear.

  • Pamper your hair with treatments

For shine and care of dyed hair, use once a week special treatments that will act deep in the hairline and will have a beneficial effect on your capillary adornment.

  • Do not wash your hair with hot water

The high water temperature can damage the dyed hair, as this causes the scalp pores to open and thus lose color. Therefore, the dyed hair should be washed at medium temperatures. For added protection during the shower, use a shower head.

  • Limit the use of styling products / tools

Try as much as possible to avoid excessive use of styling tools such as dryer, roller, straightener, as the heat produced by them affects your hair and color. Especially now, during the summer, try to dry your hair naturally. As for styling products, opt for those with special formula for dyed hair and apply them moderately.

hair drying

Think about the tips above, use quality products, and you will surely be able to keep the color of your hair healthy and enjoy it between the salon visits!

What makes shampoo safe for color treated hair?

Generally, there are no differences between normal shampoos and conditioners and labeled “colored hair”, “color protector” and the likes. This is because when a shampoo or conditioner is well balanced (and most are), they are suitable for hair and have the same ingredients as products that do not boast to protect the dyed hair. Differences relate to marketing strategies, not to the formula itself.

When you buy shampoo, look for one formulated for your hair type: dry, damaged, oily, curly, etc. Do not worry about sulphate-free shampoo formulations because cleaning agents in sulfate-free shampoos have the same impact on hair as those in sulfate shampoos.

It’s hard to find a shampoo or conditioner because there are just some ingredients that make it a hair care product – many cheap and expensive brands have similar products.

What makes it sometimes difficult to find a shampoo or conditioner is the attention given to promises on the label. Hair care products can not stop hair discoloration and can not permanently change hair thickness or repair it because hair is dead. After you stop hoping on the promises on the packaging, it will be much easier for you to find the right formula for your hair.

Although it’s not always an easy process, look for the labels that indicate the right products for your hair type (fat, thin, thick or dry), then look at the ingredients list to see the cleaning agents and the amount of feed ingredients of hair (such as dimethicone or cetyl alcohol). Those with thin, slim hair should avoid formulations rich in fatty acids and oils and extremely creamy products; those with dry, damaged or rough hair should choose the opposite.

Does hair conditioner help keep hair color longer?

Because the main cause of hair discoloration is water exposure, cleaning balms are not a better option than gentle shampoos. In fact, when using a cleaning conditioner, basically skip shampoo and rinse the conditioner without actually cleaning your hair (and more importantly the scalp).

If your hair is extremely dry and damaged by coloring or styling, you will notice that occasional use of only a balm product will help you feel your hair healthier.

In any case, if the hair is not extremely dry and damaged, there is a high risk that hair will remain greasy and no volume, so be careful. Remind me that the “just balm” method is not more beneficial for keeping the hair color than using a gentle shampoo.

How to protect your hair from the sun

hair in the sunRegardless of the season, whether summer or winter, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, it is essential to protect your hair from UV rays if you want the color of your hair to last. UV rays damage hair, causing the dye molecules to oxidize and discolor, and blond hair to get a gray hue.

A hat is an excellent solution, but not very practical for some, especially if you have long and long hair. If a hat is not your style, try applying a hair protection product. You have to know, however, that you do not know how much protection your hair will benefit from, because there is not much research on this. However, it is logical to think that hair will still be protected and worth trying.

The protective factor mentioned on hair products is not particularly relevant because they can not give you exactly the level of protection, so you better stay with a classic sunscreen product. And to avoid the appearance of greasy hair, choose an alcohol-based spray formula for a last quick final step. You find a bunch of alcohol-based sunscreen sprayers at reasonable prices.

The alcohol in these products will not affect your hair as it can affect your skin (remember that your hair is dead) and because these formulas immediately dry out, you can use them just like a hair dye (less the fixation) as the last step in your hair care routine. Think of it as the final step of protecting your style!

If you spend more hours out in the sun, you can reapply the product with a protective factor several times. Also, if you wont get your hair through the hair or wet it, it’s good to reapply because it’s not known how much the product stays on when it’s disturbed.

Take these tips into consideration and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how long your hair will last!

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