The Holiday Diet – Get Rid of 7 Kilograms In 7 Days

The diet that helps you lose weight faster. See how to lose 7 kilograms in just 7 days.

You planned the vacation point-by-point: what is the route, who gets the keys to the house, to whom do you leave your pet, what goes into your luggage, what goes int his, etc. You forgot something? Yes! The few kilograms you wanted to get rid of! Remember? Thighs, abdomen and other “strategic areas”. If you have a week at your disposal… it is what it is! See how you can quickly lose weight with your holiday diet before you go on your much dreamed vacation.

You can go on holiday quietly, without the extra kilograms of weight, if you start tomorrow, with just a quick diet of only 7 days. I know how it sounds: like one of those “science-fiction” ads, with promises on top of promises, trying to “persuade” you by pulling on the waistband of some huuuge pants: “Look, now I’m wearing clothes 100 times smaller!” Well, this diet has nothing “supernatural”, and does not promise to do miracles.

The holiday diet is based on the principles of dissociated food: every day you eat a single type of food. Without quantitative restrictions (so as not to stammer or overburden your metabolism) and without depriving your body of essential nutrients for its well-being. For 7 days. Both! Until you reach your goal.

The menu that helps you lose weight effectively with your holiday diet

Breakfast for the holiday diet is the same every day: half a pomelo, a slice of whole bread and a cup of tea. Pomelo is an exotic fruit, full of qualities: it stimulates digestion, it is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium. And it only has 42 calories / 100 g.

Lunch and dinner during the holiday diet

Day 1: Vegetables
Eat only raw vegetables – salads. It is also advisable to consume leafy vegetables such as green lettuce, spinach, garden chicory or ginger – all of these plants have a rich content of magnesium, vitamin C and beta-carotene, which ensures the superb tanning you want in each summer.

Day 2: Fruits
Consume only fruits, except for bananas and grapes – fruits that are too high in calories (83 kcal and 73 kcal / 100 g respectively). The most important are persimmons (or dates) and oranges. Dates are only 30 kcal / 100 g, prevent aging and help the body to guard against cancer. And the oranges are indicated for their digestive, diuretic and laxative effect.

Day 3: Dairy
In the middle of the week you can “let loose” on dairy. Of any kind, only one condition: it must be skimmed dairy. Forget about cream and frappe! An ice coffee savored during the day can shake your head off your previous days!

Day 4: Fruits AND Vegetables
This time you can associate them. Remember that vegetables should be raw and bananas and grapes should be avoided.

Day 5: Red Meat
beef meatFinally, you are allowed to eat meat! More specifically, red meat. As much as you want. Just do not exceed 600 g a day (that’s kind of hard, don’t you think?). Beef, pork or lamb will provide you with all the amount of iron required for the proper functioning of the body.

Day 6: White Meat
Again all meat. Chicken or turkey. Or fish. But it must be baked or cooked. Nothing fried! White meat is rich in vitamin B2 and B12, iron, magnesium, protein and zinc. Again, as much as you want but don’t go over 700 g / day. Try to avoid canned tuna or herring in oil. You can also enjoy seafood or eggs.

Day 7: Everything
Now you can eat everything you want, but yout thought of the day is discipline. Beware of any excesss – eat a little and often without skipping over the main meals.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to accelerate the burning of fats and to hydrate your body properly.
Avoid sugar during the diet, because it favors fat assimilation. Use artificial sweeteners for tea or coffee. Although…
To enjoy their flavor, teas and infusions of medicinal herbs are unsweetened.
The only spices you are allowed during the diet are salt (as little as possible), lemon and pepper.

If you’re unsure about this diet, the best thing to do is to consult with your doctor before starting it.

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