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Can skipping breakfast make you gain weight?

Breakfast isn’t routine for everyone. Some of us don’t have time, we either go to work too early and, without realizing it, is lunchtime, or we do not eat in the morning fearing that we’re going to get fat.

One study shows the contrary: not eating breakfast can make you gain weight! According to the researchers, if you eat your breakfast twice, you won’t gain more than not eating at all. Try at least to eat 1 breakfast a day and you will feel much better throughout the day.

Scientists at Yale University in Connecticut conducted a study among 600 people, observing their weight for two years. They tracked the weight of the subjects and the number of meals eaten in the morning. People who used to eat both at home and at work remained at the same weight. However, for those who gained weight, there were insignificant differences between those with 2 breakfasts and those without eating anything in the morning.

The explanation is easy to understand: People skipping breakfast or over any of the three meals of the day are prone to eating a lot more high calorie foods between meals. This thing, which is well known, leads to gaining weight.

How about a healthy breakfast and plus a healthy protection from chronic diseases? You can do it with the following drinks:

Pumpkin smoothie:

pumpkin smoothie

½ cm of fresh ginger

One teaspoon of vanilla protein

½ cup of pumpkin puree

One teaspoon of turmeric

A cup of water

½ cup of ice

½ cup of coconut or almond milk

One teaspoon of cinnamon

Combine all the ingredients in the blender, and consume after they mix well. This smoothie protects against chronic diseases and strengthens immunity due to cinnamon and turmeric.


Quinoa and coconut milk porridge

This breakfast is very healthy for people who have problems with their blood sugar. This porridge regulates the blood sugar level and is very rich in protein.


quinoa porridge½ cup of cranberry or currant (fresh or frozen)

½ cup of nuts

½ cup of hemp seed

1 cup of quinoa

A cup of coconut or almond milk

Two cups of water

A dash of ginger

Two sliced apples

Honey to taste

Mix the quinoa together with the almond milk, ginger, water, apples, cinnamon and berries mix in a bowl. Put in a pot and boil at low heat. After all ingredients have been boiled, take down the mixture and let it sit overnight. All flavors will combine together. The crushed nuts, hemp seeds and honey are added in the morning, right before you have breakfast. It is well known that cinnamon helps your body use sugar more efficiently and quinoa contains essential amino acids. Enjoy!

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