March 3, 2023

8 Common Makeup Mistakes That Age You: How to Avoid Them

Makeup – a woman's best friend. Sometimes, we need to learn some tricks to avoid making makeup our biggest enemy. At the end of the day, makeup was created to outline our beautiful features, not to add more years to our face.

There are some makeup decisions we make when we are young that we manage to pull off, but once we start aging, those decisions are not as bright as they once were. In this article, I will try to point out some common mistakes I see when talking about makeup that should disappear. So buckle up, ladies, we’re in for a ride!

  1. Wearing the wrong foundation shade

This mistake not only ages you, but it also comes off as unattractive, no matter your age. Make sure to always test the desired foundation on your face, not only on your hand!

Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity and does not retain moisture anymore. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using foundations that appear dry because they only accentuate fine lines and skin wrinkles. For some people, applying foundation works best when using a brush, while others prefer a beauty blender. You might want to switch your preferred method of applying it and see which one works best for you.

  1. Wrong use of eyeshadow

There are two common mistakes when it comes to eyeshadow: using too much or choosing the wrong color altogether.

If you use primer, you will need even less eyeshadow than someone who doesn’t. Using too much only creates tiny cracks in your makeup that ruin the look and accentuates the fine lines in your skin. Keep the eyeshadow to a minimum.

You should avoid using very light colors for your eye makeup. The lighter eyeshadows are made to highlight features, and you certainly don’t want them to highlight your flaws. A good eyeshadow has the ability to hide dark circles, making you look younger, so don’t waste the potential!

  1. Too much blush

Blush should only be used on your cheekbones to give them a natural look. It can provide you with a youthful shine when done properly. Quick note: blush is not bronzer, so don’t use it where the latter should be placed.

A lot of people exaggerate when using blush, giving them a tacky, unnatural look that can age you a lot.

  1. Going for dark shades of lipstick

Even though you might like the edgy, gothic look of dark lipstick, you should know that they only look good when you’re young. After some time, the lips lose collagen, looking less full and thinner. Black and dark purple lipsticks give your lips a thinning effect, while lighter shades make them look fuller.

You might want to use pink shades of lipstick or lip gloss instead; they have the perk of making your lips look fuller.

  1. Too Much Eyeliner

Using black eyeliner excessively offers nothing but a harsh and dull look. One common mistake is applying eyeliner only on the lower eyelid and forgetting the upper one. This has a gloomy effect on your face and can make you look older. I recommend using liquid eyeliner for a happier look. Your eyes open up a lot, and your demeanor changes to a more cheerful person. You can also add volume and length to your lashes with mascara.

  1. Not Concealing Your Concealer

When it comes to using concealer, it's either a hit or miss. If you manage to get the correct shade for your skin and apply it in the right amount, it can erase a few sleepless nights from your face. The secret is to use a little and not apply it all around the eyes. Otherwise, it can accentuate any existing wrinkles.

  1. Darkening and Thinning Your Eyebrows

As you might have noticed by now, eyes are a crucial feature of our face, often covered by different makeup products. Eyebrows give contour to our entire face, not only our eyes. Avoid thinning your eyebrows as a thicker look brings a younger version of you to light. If you plan to put makeup on your eyebrows (although not recommended), make sure it's not too dark, or it can give you a harsh, unnatural look.

  1. Not Taking Enough Care of Your Skin

This is definitely the worst mistake you can make when discussing makeup. In order to enhance your natural features, you need to take care of them. Makeup cannot work on damaged or dirty skin, so a good facial routine is the place to start if you're having trouble with makeup. Make sure to remove it every night and remember to apply moisturizing creams and serums for your skincare. Don't forget to clean and disinfect your brushes every day using water and soap. Just like your skin, they need to be taken care of. Also, avoid sharing your makeup brushes with someone else to avoid any skin conditions or diseases. To ensure your skin's safety, use a primer before putting any makeup on to create a shield that protects your face. This way, you can apply your makeup on a clean face with its pores closed.

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