March 7, 2023

7 Signs, Gestures, and Cues That He Really Loves You

One of the most commonly asked questions by women is whether or not their boyfriend or husband is truly interested in them. There is no better feeling than feeling loved and appreciated by your significant other, and in love, actions speak louder than words. By analyzing some of your loved one's gestures, you can get a glimpse into his soul.

Being in love means you already love yourself. If you don't, it's important to learn to love yourself first to achieve peak happiness. With self-love, you can determine if your lover is treating you right or if you have some work to do in your relationship. Nonetheless, it is essential for your mental health. If a man sincerely loves you, he won't leave your side all of a sudden, and you can pick up on signs if something is wrong. Without further ado, let's dive into the much-needed proof that your man is in love with you.

  1. The way he looks at you
    Just like Tony Montana said, "The eyes chico, they never lie." One of the most important ways to communicate with your loved one doesn't involve words at all, and this is the best example. If you can determine how he feels through visual contact, he is a keeper! Also, love always stays hidden in the little things. Of course, he will look at you in awe on a dinner date when you put effort into your makeup and outfit. But if you catch him looking at you while you're doing house chores in nothing but your pajamas, rest assured he is in love with you.
  2. He makes you smile (especially when you're feeling down)
    Smiling is the best way to show the world you are happy and content with what is happening in your life. If your partner wishes to see you smile or even laugh hysterically, that means he knows that happiness is the quickest way to a woman's heart. So, if he always wants you to have a smile on your face, you are probably more important than his own happiness. Every woman appreciates those moments when you have the worst day at work or at home, and your partner still manages to steal a smile from you using a silly joke or a funny remark.
  3. He cherishes the time you spend together
    Everyone knows you can't spend every living minute in the presence of your partner. Actually, it is even recommended not to do that for the sake of your relationship. You are individuals as much as you are a couple. However, when we are in love and experience intense feelings towards a person, you sometimes want to freeze time and enjoy every second spent together. If your man finds a balance between living your own lives and enjoying quality time together, it is clear that his love for you is uncanny.
  4. He offers everything without expecting anything in return
    Being selfless is definitely one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. Just as parents offer everything to their children to make them happy, the same goes in a romantic relationship. If your boyfriend radiates happiness when you are thankful for what he does, that is a clear sign he genuinely loves you, maybe even more than you love yourself. Quick note: when I say he offers you things, I don't mean only material stuff! It's not about objects, it's about those nights when he gives you his hoodie because you are cold. Small gestures hold the biggest significance.
  5. He asks for your opinion and advice
    When someone loves you, your opinion holds a lot of weight, and he will always ask for advice when facing important decisions. No matter the situation, when he faces an obstacle, he would want to know your opinion because he knows you will choose the best for him, and that's a sign he deeply loves you.
  6. He expresses his feelings
    We need to address an important issue: men should express their feelings more often than they do. Because of social standards, some men are even afraid to show emotion in order not to appear weak. By having a close relationship and creating a safe space, both parties should feel comfortable sharing their true emotions. Have regular talks about this if it seems difficult at first, but the bond of trust between two people can be unbreakable if done right. Let your man vent, and comfort him too when he needs it!
  7. He respects your personal space
    If you need space, he will give that to you. He will listen, understand your wish, and respect it. Furthermore, he will keep his distance and won't spam you with calls or text messages. Instead, he will find a way to make you understand that he supports you, and if you need help, he will be there. When someone knows you need time, for a few hours or a few days, he will support your decision – without saying it, it is conveyed that he loves you.

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